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About me


Dr. Robert Pakla - I am a graduate of the Catholic University of Lublin. I gained my professional experience in public administration, the judiciary, the prosecutor's office and in financial institutions. Currently, I am the director of the legal department at Global Primex sp.z o.o. and a consultant at the office of Kijewski Graś. My legal interests include the use of new technologies, payment services and banking law, and consumer protection. I am the author of two scientific monographs and numerous articles.

What's the difference?


The modern legal services market is not adapted to the clients' needs. The language used, conservativeness, and style of work often do not meet the needs of the modern client. This is because designing really good solutions requires knowledge of the sector, the technologies used, and market realities. Non-standard solutions are required, including knowledge not only in the field of law, but above all knowledge of market realities, technologies used and an approach conducive to the creation of cross-border projects. In my professional work I worked with Polish, American, Irish, German and Croatian regulations. My existing customers could not afford the comfort of focusing on only one market. Therefore, when designing solutions, I base on the real needs of the client, I focus on simplicity and adaptability.





Phone consultation 100 EUR/hour
Q&A session - choose if you have a quick questions that doesn't require full consultation 25 EUR/15 min
Agreement/ template agreement drafting 300-15 000 EUR
Participation in negotiation 500/1000 EUR per session
Expertise for law firm - if you run a law office and need help in the field of AML, data protection, payment systems, banking law, licensing, use of new technologies including Blockchain and AI 1000 EUR - 25 000 EUR
Seminaries - training in the AML/Data protection/ Financial and Banking law/ acquisition and cooperation with a modern client/legal team management 1000-10 000 EUR
Official and pre-court letters 200-4000 EUR
Review of academical work and help in its design 300-2000 EUR
Audits - compliance audits 2000-15 000 EUR



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